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Founded in 2015, Philippe Watson is a Canadian men's clothing brand that combines comfort and simplicity. The Signature logo is represented by an attentive and intriguing Fox Terrier.


The Fox Terrier is intense and quite intelligent. Despite his small size, his agility allows him to stand up to much bigger than him. He will never let you down.


The Brand have been largely noticed in 2017 with the very popular show "Dragon's Den" Aired on the french Network Radio-Canada. The brand was an instant success.


Put on a Philippe Watson shirt or sweater and you will approach your day differently. Take the test!


We offer a range of accessories and casual and practical clothing. You will also be delighted by our collection of unique and stylish wallets, card holders, bags and various accessories.


And what about that name? This is a simple tribute to his son Philippe and his dog Watson!